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Chronic Pain Treatment

I know what it's like to suffer from Chronic Pain. Just like with PTSD, I have been in a relentless search for relief from pain. It made sense to me that trauma and pain would be linked but it didn't translate into relief. Not until I discovered Curable.

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What Is Curable?

Curable is the first app to deliver evidence-based therapy for chronic pain self care. The Curable app guides pain sufferers through a cognitive behavioral therapy-based pain management program. The program includes easy-to-understand pain science education and hundreds of exercises designed to break the cycle of pain. With Curable, chronic pain patients can now self-manage their symptoms safely, effectively, and inexpensively.


Curable consistently demonstrates reduction in physical pain symptoms and improvement in quality of life for chronic pain patients, while demonstrating no harmful side effects or contraindications.

How Does this Work?

First of all, I am not trained by Curable. I do not get compensation for referring to them. It is free to have a Clinician account with Curable. As a clinician I can offer unlimited, free 6 Week Trials.

I am not a doctor or a physical therapist. I cannot diagnose or rule out any physical issues. The work we do here is for people that identify as having 

Chronic Pain and have not found relief in physical interventions.

You would need to be willing to engage in the app in order to experience any benefits. I would support you in processing the material that comes up as a result of your work with Curable. Check out the Curable Infographic here for more detail. It details the path into Chronic Pain and how get out out of it. Typically, the subconscious material that is brought up in the healing process is difficult. And that's why we kept it hidden. But good news! We can create new neural pathways!

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The Curable Program is free for the First 6 Weeks.

After the free trial it is $72 for a yearly subscription.

We would meet weekly or bi-weekly with sessions costing $200 for 60 minutes via video telehealth.

You would engage with the Curable program on a regular basis, ideally daily-several times a week. Your engagement in the program is essential to success. We would aim to complete our work together in 3 months. With a check-in at 1 month to be sure that you are seeing significant results.

Please reach out if you have any questions! I'm happy to share more about my personal experience as well.

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