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Working With Emily

What is it like to work with me? First, we will do this work together. I can't do this process without you. This work will be guided by what you vision for yourself. And I will use my skills to guide the process. Below, I've outlined what you can expect in our work together.

The Healing Process

Review the Past: 
Like anyone plotting a course on a map, we must know where we are before we can get to where we want to go. ​This requires us to review the past. That's right, we're going to talk about your childhood! So much of what we believe about the world and ourselves is formulated in these early years.

Trauma Education:
I've dedicated my professional career to training in and researching the most effective methods of trauma resolution. This I will share with you in a way that is easy to understand and in a way that applies to your unique story.

Restoring Intuition:
This is my main quest in our work together; it underlies everything else that I will share. Reuniting you with the most valuable inner resource you have; your intuition. When you are connected to your intuition you will be empowered to know what is right for you and have the courage to follow that direction.

Inner Child Work & Parts Work:
Inner Child Work is my trauma therapy of choice. It is a tool for finding unresolved trauma within yourself. The trauma is made up of different parts that are symbolized by your inner child/part. These wounded inner children have been calling out for help; and you are the solution. I will teach you how to reparent these wounded parts. Finally, you will be able to move forward with love and appreciation for all the parts of yourself.

"Yes, Emily, but how do I do everyday life??" I haven't forgotten about this. Sometimes having the right words to face a challenge can make all the difference. As well as understanding that the challenges that you face today are rooted in your past. This understanding coupled with new skills of communication and boundary setting can change your life! 



  • $150/hr

  • ​Available for 60 min and 90 min sessions

  • Sessions conducted remotely by Phone, Zoom, or FaceTime. Your preference.

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